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“RevLocal is easy to work with. They have awesome reports that show how well our program is working and spend the time to explain all the data and how it affects our business.”

Tom Taube, Owner, Kitchen Tune-Up Charlotte

Our Objective

Create a digital marketing strategy to increase the overall web presence for Kitchen Tune-Up franchise.

Tom Taube signed up for RevLocal’s digital marketing services after experiencing lackluster results with other providers. Tom’s goal was to receive more reviews and build a better digital presence. Renown, our review marketing platform has helped this Kitchen Tune-Up location generate more reviews and reach more consumers online, with incremental increases in site visitors from Google, email marketing and Facebook!

Tom enjoys working with RevLocal because of the relationship we provide as well as the powerful results of our personalized digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategist

My name is Ben Hogenkamp, Tom’s Digital Marketing Strategist. With RevLocal’s relationship based marketing approach I’m able to create value and communicate it. I am a part of his ROI.

Building a Better Digital Presence for Kitchen Tune-Up

Building a Better Digital Presence for Kitchen Tune-Up

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